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Atlantic Inter Import and Export Corp has been serving builders, architects, designers, contractors, homeowners and our communities for over 23 years. We are passionate about what we do and take pride in every remodel, backyard, home improvement or new construction project we supply. If you are looking for cedar wood, plywood, hardiebacker, steel rods, brick, thin brick, natural stone or pavers. We have it all and much more at very competitive prices.


Atlantic Inter Import and Export Corp has been supplying customers throughout North, Central and South America with home improvement products, supplies, and general support since 1996. We take pride in serving both retail customers, such as homeowners and renters, and professional customers, such as builders, contractors, and repairmen. Our experienced team of home improvement professionals are committed to providing guidance, inspiration as well as hands-on building assistance.


We are now trying to expand this great business opportunity to the Caribbean, with full knowledge, and experience of the market. Promising areas such as Turks & Caicos Island, Jamaica, Bahamas & Puerto Rico.

At Atlantic Inter Import and Export Corp, we’re interested in helping anyone involved in building or remodeling, no matter the size of the project. We specialize in building material in general doors, Flooring, and impact windows, and offer high-quality, brand-name building materials. Our priority is to help you in any way we can in order to see your project through completion.


The Promise

The promise of Atlantic Inter Import and Export Corp is to assist our customers in getting all their construction needs in one place. Our business model is structured vertically to interact directly with three customer types: direct customers, retailers and wholesalers.


  In Atlantic Inter Import and Export Corp we:​

  • Import and Export Building Materials 

  • Act as a liaison point in arranging the following services

  • Consulting services for construction needs

  • Arranging for earth filling materials

  • Providing a wide range of building construction materials for all your needs

  • Arranging building blocks and other finished building materials



We are not a sales force we are a consulting force! making it easy addressing material needs diligently                                     and accurately, and always granting the fair cost of your goods.

We believe in the Customer Needs / Product Needs


We know that the customers needs a product to function the way they need in order to solve their problem or desire. We

at Atlantic consult your needs from the beginning to make the experience successful in using our products.


We understand that customers have unique budgets with which they can purchase a product. We are here to

accommodate you with competitive prices.


Our product or service needs are convenient solutions to the function of our customers in their building needs they are 

trying to meet.


The experience at Atlantic is simple, consult sell and deliver. very clear -- The customer has to much on their mind, our

goal is to create less stress and work for our customers.


Atlantic's product and our customer service is reliable, making the customers experience one on one.


We like to educate our customers with our products they need "guiding them" when they purchase our products, our 

products can perform correctly, so the customer can achieve their building goals.


In building compatibility is very important, products need to be compatible with coding as well as materials.

The Customers Service Needs and our Promise


Getting in touch with our customer service, you will have empathy and understanding from the people assisting you.


From pricing to lead time on delivery, customers expect fairness from a company, Atlantic offers it.


Atlantic specializes in options with a variety of products and material.


Customers need information, from the moment they start interacting with a purchase. We at Atlantic invest in educational instructional knowledge and communication with the customers to consult information they need to successfully use the products they purchase.



For any inquiries, questions, please call:

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Tel: 786.322.8285


To apply for a job with Atlantic Inter Import and Export Corp, please send a cover letter together with your resume to:

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